Today's Film

print 2014-

Perpetually embodied digital data of war-related videos,
even unrenowned videos on YouTube or Vine.

Today's Film

print 2014-

  • Enbodied digital data of war-related footages,
    even unrenowned videos on YouTube and Vine.

"Today's Film" in "After the War", Installation View, Print 2015. photo by Haru.N ©EUGENE KANGAWA

Recent Development

“Today’s Film” is an art work which frames the films of “war-related videos that happened in the past on today's date” accordingly to the dates. In this work, these digital data which are collected throughout “After the War”(2011-) are converted into analog films using handmade film recorder, and then we frames each of them.

“Today's Film“ in “After the War” ,Detail, Print 2015. photo by Haru.N ©EUGENE KANGAWA

These photographic films include non-renowned videos filmed by civilians such as on YouTube, and Vine. Each of pieces are named based on the date and put into the frames.

In ‘August Room’, for instance, numerous number of frames encasing all analog films from war-related videos that happened in August cover the whole walls. This piece will give the audiences an impression as if it represents a comprehensive list of human history.
The source of this work, “After the War” is an ongoing project started from 2011 which collects “war-related videos that happened in the past on today's date” and plays them silently in an endless loop. In this work, the fact that the concept of war will keep changing correspondingly to the period and is not conclusive will be visualized. That is, the size of frames which contains war-related films keep increasing correspondingly to the number of footages.

Started from the artist’s thought that “when all digital data cannot be accessed, this analog piece will firstly gain the raison d'etre”, this work is forming a “third archives” that keep growing without being noticed.

A film recorder made by the artist.
There is also a blueprint for his private projector. Used equipment(Canon5D MarkIII)

“August Room” in “Today's Film”,Installation View, Print 2015. photo by Haru.N ©EUGENE KANGAWA